About Us

TEKNOLOGI ALAM SEKITAR Sdn Bhd is started out to serve the needs of the environmental, Health and Safety monitoring Services. Our staffs have more than ten years experience and the necessary expertise in providing the right products and services to meet the discerning demands of both these industries.

Our past experiences with our customers led us to extend our services in the area of Environment, Health and Safety services. We offer a comprehensive range of Environment, Health and Safety services through our qualified and accredited professionals with relevant Industry background.

TEKNOLOGI ALAM SEKITAR Sdn Bhd specializes in the following 4 main categories of business:

1. Chemical Testing Laboratory
2. Environment, Health & Safety Monitoring & Compliance Testing
3. Consultation & Trainings
4. Industrial Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Management

We welcome all inquiries and endeavor to serve with the best of our abilities to establish a mutually benefiting relationship with our customers and suppliers. We look forward to your support and feedback so as to achieve our growth objectives.

Our Motto

To create clean, safe and productive working environment for our customer

Our Mission

To Offer The Most Competitive Cost Services Whilst Maintaining High Quality And Customer Care Support

Our Philosophy

To Continuously Strengthen Our Relationships With Our Customers And Business Partners And Together Contribute Towards The Betterment Of Society At Largem